Salamander, 1/1
material black metal, 1400x500х350 cm,
Sculpture park “PARK3020”, Lviv, Ukraine, 2020

The source of inspiration for this sculptural object was the image and the silhouette of salamander, which lives in the local region and throughout the Carpathian region. I created abstract metal structures that resemble a lizard which hides and then begins its movement. Metallic architectural rhythms are similar to the pigmented pattern on the body of a lizard. Also in the sculptural image you can see the silhouettes of the Carpathian Mountains, the metal material conveys the conditional graphic line of the Carpathian ridge, mainly in which Salamander lives.
It is a known fact that salamander’s skin is very sensitive to environmental pollution because toxins easily penetrate its skin and reach the internal organs. By tracking the number of salamanders in the wild, scientists can assess how polluted the environment is.

Curator: Kate Taylor & Port Agency
Photo, video: Dan Balashov
Salamander in nature, moment of movement, body bends, search for shape

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