The idea for these sculptures was taken from my ceramic art work Albuquerque
Long-term project Monument to the City
object 1/10, material metal,
330x200, 500x300, 580x350 cm,

A quote of Remark from the novel "Three Comrades" was taken as the main concept of the project: "A man behaves strangely, constructs monuments of his own. Why not put a monument of the moon or bridal tree in bloom? ..."
(c) E.M. Remark

In this series of works, we see the "city" as a collection of art objects, where each sculpture serves as a metaphor for the complexity and diversity of urban life. The sculptures blend with nature, symbolizing the inseparable connection between humans and the surrounding world. The tall, abstract forms embody the idea of harmony between architecture and the natural landscape, urging the viewer to perceive the familiar urban space in a new way.
Curator: Denis Belkevich, Olya Tolstunova, Karina Kachurovskaya
Location: Feldman Art Park, Kharkov, Ukraine, 2015

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