Natural black (Body of the Earth) 1/2
Material: charcoal anthracite
Size: 150x150 cm (59.05x59.05 in)

We humans in the 21st century have new technologies and the opportunity to use alternative energy of the sun, wind, water. But instead we use the bowels of the earth - the body of our earth, and thus kill it.
With this work I want to show the beauty of one of the materials that destroys people in their favor. This is anthracite coal, in which I saw unusual artistic beauty. It is a complex sculptural black stone that has its own smell, shine, structure. Objects from this material could decorate a museum or interior.
Unfortunately, to date, only a small number of countries have stopped production of this material to meet their energy needs, and in most countries, people still continue to mine coal in deep mines, which are often in a state of disrepair and have terrible working conditions, workers are trapped in them. or have serious chronic illnesses through underground work.

Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of UkraineĀ 

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