Installation: This project is about people (1+1+)
Material: white, red clay
Size: the work consists of 100x100 cm (39.37x39.37 in) modules
total 300x500cm (118.11x196.85 in) editable size

The idea of this installation is to remind people that they are humans, particles of the Planet, a force all together. Often we forget about it. Self-identification, awareness of self-essence is impossible without the relations with other people. And although the “other” word provides contrast, dissimilarity, it is not totally alien image for a person who designs it. Each of us is original and unique but one is similar to another. Another constantly accompanies us, he is part of our inner and outer world. Every day we see dozens of people, we notice our similarities and differences, we seek common and special.

So, every detail at my work is the one and only, but at the same time, it is a part of the whole. If you look at the subject from a distance, you can not distinguish one silhouette from others – all they merge into a solid pattern, an abstract relief, which was formed through the thousands of components.
I was inspired by the words of the Ukrainian writer Vasyl Symonenko to create this work, his poem is very consonant with the theme of human in modern world.  This project  is about all of us, about each of us with his unique, personal opinion, will, feelings. It is close and clear for the audience, but certainly everyone will invest in the reading of the project something personal, something that will give the project additional meanings.

You know that you are a human.
You know that, or do you not?
That smile of yours is unique to you,
That torment of yours is unique to you,
Your eyes no other person has got.

Tomorrow you won’t be here present.
Tomorrow on this blessed land
Others’ll be running and laughing,
Others’ll be feeling and loving;
Good people and bad ones, my friend…

Vasyl Symonenko (1962)

Each figure was created individually by hands. Formation and copying were not used. Approximately 6-7 thousand (in proportion to the population of the Earth) figures of people 4-7 cm in size were created from white, red clay. Sculptural figures are attached to silicone sealant. The total size of the object is 300x500cm (118.11x196.85 in). Consists of 15 wooden panels, 1 tablet 100x100cm (39.37x39.37 in). 15 panels are mounted on a specially created wooden frame or on a temporary gypsum wall according to the size of the installation.

Location: Shcherbenko Art Center, 
Photos: Maksim Belous, Video: Dmytro.Motaylenko
Kyiv, Ukraine, 2015

At the moment it seems to me that this project about people gains new meanings due to current world situation and I would like to show it again to people outside of Ukraine. This art installation is ready for selling.

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